Extra Curiculer


  • English For Early Childhood and English for Kids

         English for Earlychildhood program provides fun and easy learning for early childhood. Students will learn daily vocabularies through songs, video, flashcards and games activities. English for Early Childhood is designed for children age 4-6 years old (K1/K2).

        English for kids program is designed for children age 7-12 (Elementary). the goal of this program is to support students to express their ideas writen or verbally in English. Students will learn English in a fun and creative atmosphere.

  • Little Scientist

         This Extracurricular activity is designed for students who need more challenge in Math and Science. Our Program helps students to develop their curiosity towards science. Moreover, this program also provides students an opportunity to conduct science experiments and implement scientific approach. Students will also practice Math operation and words problems.

  • Tahfidz Quran

          This program provides Elementary students with opportunity to practice reading, writing and reciting Al Quran. Tahfidz quran supports students to always remember to recite prayer and surah from Al Quran. The goal of this program is to develop students knowledge and understanding towards Al Quran.

  • Calistung

         This program aims to introduce kindergarten students with the concept of reading, writing and counting. Students will be introduced with alphabets and number in a fun way. So the learning takes places while they are playing games with objects and cards. Calistung is designed for children age 4-6 years old (Kindergarten 1/Kindergarten 2).