We understand that your child’s education and care is a priority. Pratiwi School include National Plus curriculum and professional teachers that meet the need of children at every stage. Pratiwi School implement active learning method, in which students are encouraged to be active in the learning process. We also create fun learning atmosphare where children enjoy learning. Most of the lesson are delivered using English (bilingual system) to prepare students to meet the challenges and global

We design our program to challenge students and to make them excited about what they are learning. We want our students to develop their interests and potentials so that they will become confident, responsible, and noble character to inspire others.

Pratiwi School JHS curriculum aligns national curriculum (kurikulum 2013) and which consistently provide an innovative approach to learning, resulting in students who are well prepared, engaged, and proud of their scholastic accomplishments.

1. Religion
2. Social Development
3. Mathematics
4. English
5. Science
6. Social Studies (IPS, PKN)
7. Art and Music
8. IT
9. Physical Education

School Hour

Junior High School : 07.30-14.45

Activities & Events

Career Day, Independence Day, Science Fair, Reading Month & English Week, JHS Pratiwi Film Festival, Entrepreneur Day, House of Representative Model, Indonesian Cultural Day/ International Day, Pesantren Ramadhan, Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Sekolah (LDKS), Field Trip, Camping Day
Community Work, Year End Performance


English Club, Basket Ball, Science Club, Manga Class, Martial Art, Math Club